Ultra-secure BlackBerry 5G enterprise smartphone with keyboard will launch soon

Here is a welcome update from OnwardMobility, the company that currently owns the rights to the BlackBerry brand. The company said they are still committed to launching a new BlackBerry smartphone, one that will have a physical keyboard as well as 5G connectivity. Unfortunately, the company isn’t offering a deadline or even an expected launch window for the upcoming BlackBerry smartphone, but the company did say they are ready to rectify what they described as one of their biggest shortcomings from the past year, that of lack of adequate communication.

Going into the new year, OnwardMobility said it will be communicating with its fans more often while also apologizing for the stark silence they maintained for most of last year. There are going to be more regular updates about what they are up to which will keep us informed of how much progress the smartphone has made. The company also attributed to unforeseen circumstances that prevented them from launching the smartphone in 2021 itself, something that they had earlier promised they will be doing.

Interestingly, while the company took the time to get in touch with us and reiterate its commitment to launching an ‘ultra-secure 5G enterprise smartphone’, it didn’t offer us any insight into what they have been during the entire last year. As such, there is next to nothing that we know about the upcoming phone and hence can’t guess either how much more we have got to wait for the said device to come our way. In other words, the above communication is just a message that they are still there and does not offer us any meaningful information about the all-important BlackBerry device they claim to be working on.

Source: Good Reader